September 24th 2019

Compassion at Work

The first four industrial revolutions were scientific discoveries that changed the way work happens and consequently changed the world. Unlike the first four, the fifth revolution is a rediscovery of the power of human consciousness at work and outside. We are at the doors of that revolution. This book offers compassion as a key to manifesting the fifth revolution.


'The Fifth Revolution' is an invitation to reinvent your presence at work and how your workplace can support you in being the best version of yourself. The secret sauce presented in this book is compassion. Compassion is simply being able to do the right thing in the face of suffering, and workplaces are not distant from suffering. Compassion is a behavior that is always desired but often missing in workplaces, including leadership. This book delivers the skills of workplace compassion in a practical, hands-on way that has not been done before.

At the end of this book, you will have learnt nine critical compassion skills that will transform your inner world and the way you interface with the people around you as influencer and leader.

In an age of Artificial Intelligence, as our jobs and work identities are being redefined, compassion can be the unique skill that defines our uniqueness and work success. The book is all about practical compassion- part information, part stories, part work-book and all transformation.



Dr.Immanual Joseph, PhD

Dr. Immanual Joseph, PhD, CPC is a former cancer scientist, who chose to become an evangelist of human compassion in workplaces, following a period taking care of people in end-of-life situations. Inspired by personal experiences of compassion post hurricane Katrina and having experienced the impacts of good and bad leadership firsthand, Immanual created Compassion Leaders Inc, a company that helps organizations create human and business success through compassion training ( Companies from Salesforce to Dentist offices have taken his compassion courses with great feedback. He is currently working on the launch of Meta Mindfulness Multiversity, a company that will be a premier marketplace of wisdom programming for the corporate world.

Immanual obtained a PhD in Biochemistry from the Tulane School of Medicine, New Orleans and is a certified professional coach. He has several high impact scientific publications and book chapters to his credit. Immanual has also authored five fiction and one non fiction book in two languages (English and Tamil). 

About 'The Fifth Revolution' - A note from the author

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